" Your home should tell your story. "

Mastering Your Experience of Home starts with you: your needs, wants and dreams

We believe life’s moments – small and quiet, or grand and raucous – deserve equal time and consideration.

We design for the ways you live that stem from those moments. Intimate, personal spaces that provide a haven from the outside world. And grand, spirited spaces to entertain, indulge whims, create joy and live life to its fullest. With room to grow — and to live — where everything you want is right where you want it.

So, it’s not really about us. This is your story.

We’re here to take bold steps with you, to uncover what sets you apart and discover a new style for living your life. When you’re ready, we are.

New Construction and Remodels

Our Blue-Sky Approach: The Sky Really is the Limit

Building a new home or renovating an existing home can be one of the most trying undertakings, but also one of the most exciting! Managing the entire process starts with big-picture, “blue-sky” thinking. We don’t believe there’s such a thing as thinking Too Big. In fact, history teaches us that great achievements only come from reaching for the stars. Nothing great was ever accomplished with conventional thinking.

So, we help our clients consider new possibilities and fresh ideas when we tackle interior and spacial design assignments. Our credo: Stretch yourself - there’s always time to scale back, refine, and reign in where necessary. Our approach ensures our solutions are as imaginative as they are functional.

After arriving at the perfect vision, translating it into reality is like conducting a symphony – leading, synchronizing, and motivating all the players to pull off an amazing end result. We do it all with an eye for creating a beautiful new environment that reflects your personal style, delivering exquisite design and function in every square inch.

We start with in-person and in-depth consultation. Next we proceed with info gathering and design concepts, and finish the design phase with presentations, revisions and final selections. From there, we round up all the resources. We ensure budget targets are met. We serve as your sentinels throughout.

Many clients are not in residence during the entire process, so we are eyes and ears to represent your interests, troubleshoot, and find solutions. We watch over everything for you, from finishes, materials, power needs, lighting, and built-ins, to flooring, wall surfaces, and everything in between. At the same time, we remain busy selecting, curating, specifying and securing every piece necessary to complete the space from furnishings to artwork.

All of these efforts are channeled to launch a new space that is uniquely yours. Guiding you every step of the way is what we do, with a steady hand and uncompromising dedication to quality.


Redesigning the Envelope, Furnishings Curation, Sourcing and Styling

The Same as a New Build/Remodel, without the “New Build or Remodel”

Think of your home as a blank slate, a box, or an envelope that can be re-worked to best suit your life. Such an envelope redesign can deliver a huge impact on your quality of life. It could be anything — from a refresh, to a complete overhaul of your current space, without renovation.

First up is a survey of your space and an inventory of all existing furnishings to be repurposed. Then, we think about the possibilities that will fit your lifestyle, come up with a plan and present our ideas. Our plans include all of the interior furnishings and recommendations for minimal alterations to the space: flooring, millwork, ceiling detail, mantels and fireplaces, plaster, paint or wallcoverings.

With your approval, we move ahead to place orders for all new items, and work on current furniture curation, refurbishing and styling. Our team ties it all together to deliver a gorgeous finished space – a space that’s perfectly your home!


Project Management

Protecting Your Project – And Your Sanity

If you’ve ever worked on an interior design project, you get the importance of great project management. Our team delivers! Project management includes all the coordination and detail work, like contractor bidding, time management, procurement, scheduling craftspeople, and all the other parts and pieces to creating your new space. We provide full-time project management for all new-build/remodel projects and it makes all the difference! We stay on it – so you don’t have to worry about juggling your project details in addition to the demands of your everyday life.


About All Our Services

It’s Your Journey. We’re Here to Lead the Way.

You have your favorite likes, styles and treasures – don’t worry, we make sure your collection and tastes come together like a dream. The important thing is, we don’t impose our signature look on your home. Ever.

Immersed in the design world, we know what’s trending, what’s new, different and special, and what is just the right amount of quirk to make your interior a special place. Rely on our expertise, our contacts (the little black book), and our research to always know what’s available, what’s on-budget, and what must-haves you need to create the best spaces for you. When needed, we know how to source those special one-off custom items from the best craftspeople. Most importantly, we know how to inspire you to think a little differently, get creative, stretch your imagination and have fun!